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Northern Michigan Bank & Trust has been providing deposit, lending, investment, and other financial services for the Central Upper Peninsula since 1892. We invite you to browse through our pages to discover how we can serve your banking needs.


Please be aware that there are reports of phone calls being received by Delta County residents regarding their ATM or Debit cards.  These calls are fraudulent.

  • We will NEVER send out automated phone calls to our customers regarding fraudulent Visa debit card issues.
  • Do NOT respond to these phone calls, hang up!
  • Never disclose personal, account, or card information to strangers.  We already have your information on file and will not ask for it.
  • When in doubt, call us at the phone number you always use to contact us to verify a calls validity.



Fraudulent checks are on the rise again.  Be cautious when receiving checks from parties unknown to you - especially if you are selling things online.  Buying/Selling items online may be fast and convenient, but it can also be quite costly.  SELLERS - please exercise caution when receiving checks from parties unknown to you - especially non-local or out of state checks.  if you receive a check for more than what your sales price is and the buyer says "the additional money is to cover the shipping costs" and wants you to send the difference back to them through PayPal, Western Union, or pay the person they send to pick the item, DON'T!!  THIS IS A SCAM!  Once you give them back the difference, the check they sent to you typically is returned to the bank as a fraudulent item, usually within 3-5 days of processing it.

The best way to protect yourself when selling things online is to only accept cash or wire transfer.  If you take a check of any kind, even a certified bank check, bring it to your bank and have them send it in for collection.  That way you will know if the check is legitimate or not; and remember, an honest buyer will wait and not pressure you.  If you ever have any concerns about a check your are receiving, please stop in and see your banker.  We are always here to help you and help to keep your account safe.

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