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Email Scam Alerts


Because we at Northern Michigan Bank & Trust care about your online safety, we wish to make you aware of the latest email scams that have been circulating.  Please do not open any attachments on e-mails that you are not expecting or email addresses that you are not familiar with.  Please be advised of the following scam:

It has come to our attention that recent attacks have been utilizing a new form of phishing by using both phone calls (Vishing) and SMS text messages (Smishing) to lure victims to give out sensitive information.  Please rest assured that Northern Michigan Bank & Trust will NEVER call, email, or text our customers to provide us an acount number or debit card information, as we already have that information available.  Should you ever receive any of these calls or messages, please let us know right away and most of all -- DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION!


Online customers - please be advised - emails from will NEVER have attachments for you to click on.  Should you receive any emails of this kind, please delete them!  Always contact us before opening any emails from us that you are unsure of.


One of our customers recently received a "pop-up" message on their home computer. The pop-up says it is from This pop-up asked her to "Click here to access your Credit Report" but then it asks for a credit card to "validate your identity".  This is either a malware or spyware scam.  DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK! Northern Michigan Bank & Trust has nothing to do with this pop-up message - it is a scam.

Recently there have been a large number of emails being sent out impersonating Government agencies, financial instituations and retail stores.  If you receive such emails DO NOT click on links, pictures, or anything else that is included in the content of the spam letter.

Delete any emails that you are not expecting. If you receive an email that seems to be from a known source but you are not certain of it, call the business and ask them if they have sent the email to you.

Recent scam emails that have been received claim to be from the Internal Revenue Service regarding a federal tax payment and one from


There is an email circulating that claims to be from NACHA - stating..."The ACH transfer (ID:769467280292), recently sent from your checking account (by you or any other person), was rejected by the other financial institution."  It will include a link to view this transaction. THIS IS NOT LEGITIMATE.  Please DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.  Just delete the email.



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